Cambodia’s tourists improve

Statistics and Tourist Information Department, Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia, reported arrivals from Laos grew 98.7% supplying 24,474 visitors to Cambodia during August. The growth rate skyrocketed over 70% since January this year and in July it was almost 95%.

As for arrivals from Thailand, the percentage growth dropped to 55% (17,834) in August from 75.8% in July and 103% in June. Arrivals from Thailand skyrocketed after the Yingluck administration took office in July last year and relations between the two countries improved.

The strong growth was also the result of  a low base in 2010 and the first half of 2011 when Thai trips to Cambodia dropped due to political conflicts.

Over the eight-month period, January to August, arrivals from Thailand and Laos improved 90.1% and 83% respectively. They ranked fourth and fifth suppliers to Cambodia’s tourism industry.

Overall, Cambodia recorded 293,859 international visitors in August, improving 17.3% year-on-year. The growth rate slowed in August (20% for the first six months, dropping to 18.7% in July) pulled the average growth rate down from 25.6% at the end of July to 24.5% at the end of August. Accumulated arrivals stood at 2,334,793.

Arrivals from the top two suppliers, Vietnam and Korea, showed modest improvement in August: +14.7% (66,271) and +7.4% (30,895) respectively. Arrivals from China in third place grew substantially at 26.2% (28,366).

Source TTRweekly

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